At 8 Degrees East, diverse expertise meets unparalleled network connections and strategic alliances to empower individuals and businesses for sustainable success, situational awareness, and fortified risk resilience.

Our approach combines industry knowledge, exclusive information gathering, proprietary tools, and precise analysis, providing distinctive actionable solutions to our clients.

As the ultimate External Intelligence Advisor, 8 Degrees East empower our clients with comprehensive information and insights for confident decision support, solutions to problems, and specialty services to address any challenge or capitalize on opportunities.

The power of “8” symbolizes prosperity, harmony, lasting relationships, universal connections, and the company’s commitment to excellence.

Located precisely at 8 Degrees East longitude, the company embodies Swiss virtues of quality, discretion, and security.

8 Degrees East stands as a steadfast partner, guiding visionary business owners, chief executives, and high-net-worth individuals to navigate the twist and turns in life and achieve their highest ambitions.

The following are the some of the main areas of expertise of 8 Degrees East’s Founding Partners: