Your Strategic Edge:

Empowering Decisions, Inspiring Success
“Hope is Not a Strategy!” James Cameron

Relying solely on internal expertise is no longer sufficient for success! 8 Degrees East’s External Intelligence Advisor (ExIA) program is the epitome of our services, providing unmatched insights to fortify your competitive advantage, safeguard your reputation, and navigate strategic partnerships.

The ExIA is more than an advisor; they are your dedicated ally, offering a global network of expertise tailored to your unique needs. Operating as the central command for 8 Degrees East’s solutions, the ExIA becomes your singular point of command to a vast global network across all our solution sets, evolving beyond traditional advisory roles into a strategic partner providing actionable intelligence for informed decision-making.

Elevate your business, let 8 Degrees East's ExIA program be your gateway to unlocking the power of external intelligence, ensuring your organization stays ahead in a competitive and ever- changing business environment. Leverage our expertise to make informed decisions and guide your organization towards success through exclusive access to connected expertise in: