Howard is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in defense, government affairs, and strategic advisory services. With a keen cultural awareness, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in business environments spanning the US, Europe, and the MENA regions.

As a United States Marine Corps Officer, Howard specialized in Defense and Intelligence Cooperation, National Security Affairs, and Foreign Policy arenas. Advising top-level military and government leaders within the Pentagon, he provided valuable insights on geo-political, cultural, and strategic issues. Collaborating closely with foreign allies, Howard played a pivotal role in defense engagements and procurement.

Following his military service, Howard joined Goldman Sachs Investment Bank’s Office of Global Security in New York, expanding his network in the security, intelligence, and financial sector. Offering technical and tactical expertise on global security measures, he played a vital role in the bank’s operations.

Howard later served as the President and CEO of a Washington-based trade and economic development group. Working closely with member companies, he facilitated growth and investment objectives between North America and Europe. His responsibilities included business development, government relations, policy advocacy, diplomacy, and strategic advisory.

Throughout his career, Howard has demonstrated his ability to synthesize complex environments, providing creative problem-solving solutions and actionable insights. His extensive experience and expertise have consistently generated a competitive advantage for companies and individuals.

Currently, Howard serves as the COO of 8 Degrees East, a Switzerland-based strategic consulting firm. Leveraging his vast network, knowledge, and track record, he delivers exceptional results in business intelligence, strategic advisory, and business development. Howard’s proficiency in navigating complexities and driving success has made him a highly sought-after advisor.

Howard’s remarkable achievements and expertise position him as a trusted leader in strategic advisory services. His profound understanding of defense, government affairs, and global business environments sets him apart, making him an invaluable asset to clients seeking innovative solutions and strategic guidance.