“A visionary entrepreneur and catalyst for success”

Nicolas is not just an entrepreneur and trainer at heart; he embodies the spirit of innovation, leadership, and achievement.

His journey has been a tapestry woven with diverse experiences, each thread contributing to the remarkable entrepreneur and trainer he is today. With a foundation rooted in aeronautics, finance, sports, luxury tourism and coaching, he embodies the entrepreneurial spirit.

Nicolas is a driving force behind 8 Degrees East, where his expertise and passion converge to create exceptional results.

“A Journey of Adventure and Mastery”

Nicolas’s journey began with a thirst for adventure and mastery.

Following dedicated service and training in the military, venturing across continents, he immersed himself in training scuba divers in locales such as South Africa, Mozambique, and Comores. In this time, he also commanded boats and piloted aircraft, gaining invaluable operational insights with great expertise in operations and leadership.

Venturing into entrepreneurship, Nicolas co-founded and skillfully managed tour operator companies in South Africa and Switzerland, pioneering the intersection of luxury tourism and captivating experiences.

Additionally, he co-founded an import-export enterprise bridging South Africa and China, showcasing his strategic insight and global vision.

“Navigating Complex Financial Realms”

Nicolas’s journey evolved as he ventured into the intricate world of finance. His role as a broker and trader for esteemed institutions demonstrated his acumen in navigating complex financial landscapes. Notably, he honed his expertise as a specialist broker/trader for pension funds and institutions, a journey that led him to ascend to the role of CEO at an international investment company in Switzerland.

“Carving New Heights and Boundaries”

Fuelled by a passion for mountains and audacious endeavors, Nicolas’s indomitable spirit led him to co-found and manage exclusive heliski companies along the Black Sea and Spanish Pyrenees.

This audacious initiative led to extraordinary achievements and encounters, spanning political, governmental, and human spheres.

Charting New Skies: From Entrepreneurship to High-Flying Mastery

“As a testament to his commitment to excellence, Nicolas’s journey took a new turn”

Fueled by a newfound role as a parent, he embraced a laser-focused approach, becoming a professional helicopter pilot serving VIPs across stunning locales like the Swiss Alps, South France, Monaco, and Reunion Island. His qualifications as an instructor and examiner allowed him to impart his knowledge and train aspiring helicopter pilots, cultivating a network of influential figures.

“Unlocking Human Potential”

With a deep-seated fascination for the human potential, Nicolas embarked on a path of mastery in Neuroscience coaching. Armed with a Master of Coaching in Applied Neurosciences, he offers his exclusive expertise to an esteemed U/HNW clientele on their personal or professional aspects. His strategic insights and advice are a fusion of experience, innovation, and specialized skills, specifically catering to clients based in Monaco, and Saint-Tropez, as well as Switzerland, Europe and Canada.

“A Legacy of Leadership”

Nicolas’s journey encapsulates an extraordinary legacy of leadership, innovation, and achievement, offering 8 Degrees East clients an unrivaled blend of expertise, strategic guidance, vision, and innovation.